Your spine plays an integral part in supporting your body. When something is wrong with it, it can cause a lot of pain in different areas of your body. Spinal adjustments are often used to treat this pain, as well as headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. At Achieve Health and Wellness, serving Bolingbrook and Naperville, IL, we can perform spinal adjustments to relieve your pain. Our chiropractor can identify and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms, preventing your pain from reocurring.


Your spine connects to many parts of your body and includes your nerve center. When your spine becomes misaligned, it causes pain. This misalignment can come from bulging discs, slipped discs, injuries, or degeneration. These conditions can lead to back pain, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, and more.

Spinal adjustments are used to correct these issues. The adjustment can be done several ways depending on the location and severity of your pain. Our chiropractor will use sudden jolts on your joints to readjust them. This can be done with an instrument or by hand. Treatment may also include spinal decompression. This is done by having a patient lie on a motorized table. The table slowly separates and moves outward, stretching out your spine. This is helpful in creating more space for your discs and relieving tension.

These procedures are non-invasive and usually painless. You may feel sore after a spinal manipulation, because your body is adjusting to its new, balanced state.

Determining if You Need a Spinal Adjustment

For new patients, an initial visit to our facility will require you to fill out patient forms and complete a consultation to provide us with your health history as well as detailed information on the condition from which you suffer.

After your consultation, we will perform a physical exam to look for any problem areas. You may also need X-rays to determine the severity of your condition. We can then form a personalized treatment plan for you. If spinal manipulation is right for you, we can answer any questions you have about the procedure. Other treatment options may include physical therapy, cold laser therapy, or corrective exercises. Our experts also recommend sustaining a proper diet and exercising to maintain full-body wellness.


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