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Antonio Jorge AvatarAntonio Jorge
Amazing!!! - 3/05/2023 
Lorie Macey AvatarLorie Macey
I strained my midback getting out of the car I could barely move. Came to this office and they got me out of pain - 3/04/2023 
Carl Jones AvatarCarl Jones
After learning I had fibromyalgia, I went to a chiropractor for the first time to help control the pain and Achieve exceeded my expectations. - 3/01/2023 
Alexander Harrison AvatarAlexander Harrison
Sciatic pain going down both my legs went to see several doctors with no solution until I started coming to this office. - 2/28/2023 
Samuel Kiprono AvatarSamuel Kiprono
Adjusted to my schedule whenever needed! - 2/28/2023 
Omar Hill AvatarOmar Hill
Friendly,helpful staff!!!! Very dedicated to getting you back to 100%!! One of the best decisions I ever made coming here - 2/28/2023 
joshua mutua Avatarjoshua mutua
Chiropractic helped with my TMJ pain issues. - 2/21/2023 
Martin Murphy AvatarMartin Murphy
Wrist pain on and off for years and dealing with carpal tunnel got adjustment 2x a week felt wayyyy better than before. - 2/10/2023 
Esther Yakubu AvatarEsther Yakubu
Been dealing with elbow pain for 2 weeks now started chiropractic care and started seeing a difference immediately. - 2/09/2023 
Ramon Aljero AvatarRamon Aljero
They have great confidence in what they do! - 2/02/2023 
Patrick Norman AvatarPatrick Norman
I experience knee pain in both my knees all day. I came to see Dr. Fisher and he helped my knee pain go away through physical therapy and adjustments. - 1/26/2023 
Gabriel Rodrigues AvatarGabriel Rodrigues
I had a frozen shoulder for years and after doing a treatment plan at Achieve Health and Wellness my frozen shoulder was a lot better and I was able to use my shoulder for everyday activities again. - 1/26/2023 
cheryl taylor Avatarcheryl taylor
I’ve been dealing with allergies for several years. After coming to Achieve Health and Wellness, my allergies were no more! - 1/26/2023 
Mary Irving AvatarMary Irving
I dealt with indigestion and heart burn every day for months. After coming to see Dr. Fisher My indigestion and heart burn went away. - 1/19/2023 
Katryn Moore AvatarKatryn Moore
I have to sit at work all day so I deal with neck and upper back pain. After doing physical therapy and adjustments 3 times a week at Achieve my neck pain went away and never came back! - 1/19/2023 
Elisa Kirk AvatarElisa Kirk
I am happy I chose Achieve the adjustments help me feel better at work. - 1/16/2023 
Alex Moore AvatarAlex Moore
Great personal atmosphere. They made me feel at home. - 1/16/2023 
Daniel Thiongco AvatarDaniel Thiongco
Very knowledgeable and caring towards my specific problem. - 12/20/2022 
Timothy Humphreys AvatarTimothy Humphreys
Good at rescheduling my appointments when needed. - 12/19/2022 
Ahron Lassi AvatarAhron Lassi
The team makes scheduling appointments easy, is always helpful when I need to reschedule my appointments because of my crazy schedule. - 12/17/2022 
Christine AvatarChristine
I have dealt with chronic low back pain for 20+ years as a result of a sports injury. Chiropractic care tremendously improves the quality of my life, and I can not be more thankful to have been referred to Achieve Health & Wellness. Dr.Fisher, Theresa and Charles are the dream team! From my first visit here I knew Achieve Health and Wellness was going to be a game changer for me (maybe it's the complementary energy drinks I grab on my way out the door!) Every visit starts with stretching and strengthening exercises to supplement the adjustments. Charles does an amazing job of explaining each exercise, more often than not demonstrating the movements himself. Aside from the incredible physical support and healing I have received, the level of compassion Dr. Fisher and his team showed me when my mother passed away this summer, was truly heartwarming. At the time I was a relatively new patient, but even so, Dr.Fisher and the team went above and beyond to let me know they cared. I also find it inspiring and fun as the team continues to host events to engage the community. From paint nights, to Santa visits and parent nights out, along with community non profit organization support, Achieve Health & Wellness is fantastic! - 12/15/2022 
Ellie Pearce AvatarEllie Pearce
Dr. Fisher and staff takes the time to understand what is going on and puts together recommendations to help with your chiropractic needs - 12/15/2022 
Matt Nichols AvatarMatt Nichols
Fantastic Off!ice, Very Clean! - 12/13/2022 
Nadine Coumba AvatarNadine Coumba
WOW, what a friendly atmosphere. The staff here is so welcoming it truly shows that they care. - 12/13/2022 
Marie Gibson AvatarMarie Gibson
Just a great Chiropractic Team - 12/13/2022 
Louis Walton AvatarLouis Walton
Started going to see a chiropractor for headaches and have seen great improvement, glad I started care. - 12/06/2022 
Came in for discomfort in my neck and Dr. Fisher and his team helped me get rid of the pain. - 11/29/2022 
Grace Brown AvatarGrace Brown
The team at achieve health and wellness is amazing, I came into the office with back pain not able to stand up and going through treatment has made a huge difference. So thankful to all of them. - 11/29/2022 
Abby Hohn AvatarAbby Hohn
The best chiro office I have been to in a long time. - 11/20/2022 
Maxim Lazaro AvatarMaxim Lazaro
Dr. Fisher and staff is wonderful. - 11/20/2022 

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