Sciatica Treatment

It can be scary to experience shooting pains and other strange symptoms in your leg or foot, especially when you can’t connect those symptoms to any recent lower extremity injury. But the phenomenon known as sciatica actually stems from a different location — namely, the roots of the sciatic nerve at the bottom of the spine. If you’re having trouble getting around and/or struggling with discomfort, rest assured that you can experience relief from chiropractic care at Achieve Health & Wellness, your provider of non-surgical sciatica treatment for Bolingbrook, Romeoville and Naperville IL. 


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Sciatica: A Referred Pain Syndrome

Sciatica is the term for sciatic nerve inflammation or irritation. This syndrome may occur for a number of reasons, all of which interfere with the function of the body’s largest nerve. The sciatic nerve controls communications between the spinal cord (and therefore the brain) and the leg, fanning out into a network of nerves in the leg and foot. Several robust nerve roots connect the sciatic nerve to the spine through narrow channels between vertebrae. Unfortunately, this arrangement is often a source of trouble. If a spinal misalignment, bulging/herniated disc, bony overgrowth or other impediment presses against the nerve roots, they can no longer relay sensory and motor data correctly. This may leave you with symptoms such as:

  • Sharp pain in the back of the leg, especially when sitting
  • Low back pain (sometimes)
  • Pins-and-needles or loss of sensation anywhere along the leg or foot
  • Trouble controlling the leg/foot muscles that provide you with upright stability and balance

Chiropractic Care and Other Treatment Options

Thankfully, sciatica rarely calls for surgery. You may experience periodic episodes of relief without treatment — but the sciatica will return until you address the underlying cause. Our Bolingbrook chiropractor can find that cause through detailed spinal evaluations. Once we know where the impingement is occurring and why, we can treat those issues and take the pressure off of the nerve tissue. Our gentle chiropractic adjustment techniques can correct alignment errors and treat disc problems. Massage therapy can relax muscles or other soft tissues that might be pinching the sciatic nerve. Corrective exercises and lifestyle recommendations can be very helpful for keeping your posture as straight and spine-friendly as possible.


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