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Postural Correction

Life is full of aches and pains and people often turn to their chiropractor for assistance in managing discomfort. Although a chiropractor can do a lot to help alleviate discomfort including back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more, relief from chronic pain is a joint effort between doctor and patient. If you live in Bolingbrook, Naperville, or elsewhere in the surrounding areas, the chiropractic professionals at Achieve Health + Wellness are ready to assist you. One of the biggest steps you can take to reduce your pain is to actively work on improving your posture.


Why Postural Correction is Important

Good posture automatically helps you exude more confidence and feel healthier overall. It also gives you higher energy levels, keeps your bones and joints in better alignment, takes stress off your ligaments, and can even help with your mood and digestion. You're also less likely to suffer from a back injury if you are practicing good posture.

There are many reasons why people lose track of their posture. Sometimes, injuries can cause changes in posture due to the weakening of back muscles. Bad posture can also come about as the result of pregnancy or weight gain. Shifting your center of gravity shifts due to wearing high heels or carrying heavy objects can also contribute to bad posture, as can consistently high levels of stress.

At Achieve Health + Wellness, our chiropractor will evaluate your musculoskeletal system to identify the root cause of your pain. Chances are improving your posture will play a major part in alleviating your discomfort. A chiropractic care plan will be designed to help you strengthen your muscles and improve your range of motion, making it easier for your body to hold itself upright. Our chiropractor may also instruct you in a series of corrective exercises to further increase your strength and enhance the benefits of chiropractic care.

Chiropractor in Naperville and Bolingbrook

If you are experiencing pain due to poor posture, you will likely need an adjustment or some similar treatment to regain enough comfort to work on a long-term solution for your posture issues. If you need postural correction assistance in Naperville or Bolingbrook, the wellness professionals at Achieve Health + Wellness can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, call us at (630) 771-1212.



Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    Dr. Fisher and his staff are the best. They will deisgn a plan to better health. They will work with you to make it affordable and you will see results. If you have been to other chiropractors in the past or never gone to one before, this is the place to go.

    Paul N. 5 stars @Google - 8/8/18

    I've been having a great experience with Dr. Fisher and his staff. His evaluation of one's complaint is very informative. The treatment plan is specifically designed and varied…I experienced positive results from the beginning.

    Robert G. 5 stars @Google - 8/12/18

    Since starting my new plan with Dr. Fisher, my neck and lower back are much improved. He has even adjusted my arms and hands resulting in less tingling…Patient care and well being is their mission.

    MaryAnn S. 5 stars @Google - 8/15/18

    Dr. Fisher is diligent in making sure you get a personal experience. He doesn't rush through your treatment. I don't feel like just a number! His staff is exceptionally personable!

    Suz E. 5 stars @Google - 8/15/18

    This place is awesome, Dr. Fisher is helping me get back to where I was when I was a younger man! The exercises, adjustments, and massages have really helped me. The staff here is really knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this place!

    Jason A. 5 stars @Google - 8/22/18


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