Neck pain can be anywhere from cumbersome to debilitating. Those that experience chronic neck pain know how difficult it can be to live with. While many try to simply live with it and hope it goes away, this isn’t the right way to address the issue. Instead, it’s important to visit a doctor to check your neck to uncover the underlying issue resulting in your neck pain and address it so the pain can subside.

If you are looking for the right chiropractor to treat your neck pain, visit Achieve Health and Wellness in Bolingbrook. We specialize in the treatment of back and neck pain, and we provide the best chiropractic services in the Bolingbrook, Naperville, and Lemont areas.

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Treating Neck Pain

Neck pain has become increasingly common. There are many reasons why patients experience neck pain, but one of the most common is actually quite surprising for many—bad posture. With that said, neck pain is also often a result of acute injuries.

Regardless of the reason for your neck pain, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with Achieve. We provide holistic care that helps our patients to overcome painful neck conditions. We will expertly diagnose and treat your neck pain.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Posture is a major issue when it comes to neck pain, and the average person’s posture seems to only be getting worse. This makes sense—many people now spend their entire day hunched over their computers or checking their phones. Over time, this time spent hunched over can add up and lead to major posture problems. If this is the case, those posture issues need to be addressed.

Another common cause of neck pain is physical accidents. Whether it is whiplash due to a car accident, fall, or any other form of injury affecting the neck, it can lead to chronic, ongoing discomfort.

Whether your neck pain is a result of poor posture, whiplash, a bad fall, or anything else, you’ll want to visit a doctor that specializes in neck pain to have it checked out. A top chiropractor like Dr. Fisher will get to the root of the pain and use holistic, chiropractic methods to eliminate the neck pain you are experiencing and make adjustments to your neck and spine, so the pain does not return.

Physical Therapy Through Chiropractic Care

It’s important to encourage your body to heal after a traumatic injury. Chiropractic care is one way to not only reduce the pain from a neck injury but also enable the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic adjustments are implemented by a chiropractor to help correct subluxations in the spine of a patient. In turn, this reduces inflammation in the affected areas that are leading to neck pain. It also helps to treat other areas of the musculoskeletal system. With treatment, you will also receive an immune system boost and additional energy.

If you are suffering due to an accident and are in need of physical therapy, reach out to Achieve Health and Wellness today.

Spinal Adjustments

Spinal adjustments help with a variety of different forms of pain that include neck pain, back pain, headaches, and more. These adjustments both provide relief from pain, while also addressing the underlying issue leading to discomfort. Your chiropractor will help to eliminate the pain and ensure it doesn’t come back.
Achieve Health and Wellness offers top spinal adjustment services that provide patients not only with quick support but also long-term relief.

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How Do Spinal Adjustments Work?

Your spine is very important to not only your back, but your body overall. This includes your neck. There are many nerve centers in the spine and misalignments can cause pain and other problems. Whether the misalignment is due to a slipped disc, bulging disc, injuries, or anything else, it can make day-to-day activities much more painful and difficult than they should be. A spine injury can cause neck pain, back pain, sciatica, and even headaches.

A spinal adjustment is often the right solution to address pain, discomfort, and other back and neck-related issues. There are various ways in which spinal adjustments can be performed…

Dr. Fisher at Achieve Health and Wellness uses numerous different techniques. He may either use his hands or a special tool for this. Another option for spinal treatment is spinal decompression. This involves a patient lying down on a motorized table that separates as it moves outward. This stretches the patient’s spine and relieves tension.

Spinal adjustment procedures are generally painless and non-invasive. Some soreness may occur as the body adjusts, though.

Do I Need an Adjustment?

If you would like to see if an adjustment is required, schedule an appointment with Achieve Health and Wellness. We’ll provide you with a consultation with a top doctor to determine the source of the pain.

During your initial examination, your chiropractor will perform a physical exam and may take x-rays. After this, they will put together a personalized treatment plan that may include physical therapy, spinal manipulation, cold laser therapy, and/or corrective exercises.

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Achieve Health and Wellness is a top provider of chiropractic care that provides top services to residents of Bolingbrook, Lemont, and Naperville. We offer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention services. Our excellent team is able to discover the source of the neck pain you are experiencing and address the issue.

Dr. Fisher will ensure the restoration of the structural integration of spinal muscles and the alleviation of pressure on the neurological tissues. You’ll, in turn, experience pain relief, better range of motion, and an increase in your body’s ability to heal.


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