Your posture and how you step are so central to how your body feels, that just your average slouchy day can result in a few aches and pains over time. While correcting posture and how you step won’t solve all your health issues, they can go quite a ways toward reducing overall pain, and that can help more specific problems respond to treatment. Using foot orthotics is an easy way to help protect your feet, knees, legs, hips, and back, and reduce pain that may be interfering with additional therapeutic intervention. Achieve Health and Wellness in Bolingbrook can help you choose orthotics for your condition.

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A Core Cause of Pain

How you hold yourself, your posture and how your feet hit the ground, has a subtle influence on how you feel overall. If you keep your weight unevenly distributed with one leg supporting more than the other leg, and you may develop hip and back pain. Abnormalities in your feet and gait can lead to shin splints, heel and ankle problems, and hip and knee problems. Issues such as feet that naturally pronate or supinate can also lead to pain.

Foot pain isn’t always an isolated issue. It can be distracting, make work or exercise difficult, and may even convince some sufferers to undergo unnecessary and expensive procedures to find relief. Orthotics can solve a lot of issues and help alleviate others. Simple shoe inserts, for example, can realign your feet so that you step without pronating or supinating. Cushioned insoles help protect your feet and joints when you walk. Other orthotics affect how you stand. When your body has better overall alignment, those aches and pains can subside, allowing injuries like shin splints a chance to heal. With that pain lessened, other treatments can be completed properly and have a more noticeable effect.


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