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Looking for a Chiropractor in Plainfield?

Many people suffer from chronic back, neck, shoulder or knee pain. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably been searching for solutions that bring immediate relief. A non-invasive, natural treatment to consider is chiropractic care. 

Experienced and friendly chiropractors from Achieve Health and Wellness serve the western and southern suburbs of Chicago. We help diagnose and treat various health conditions, including: 

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Chronic headaches
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sciatica

Patients who have been in car accidents or suffered a sports injury can also find relief at our center. We use a good variety of therapies to improve our patients’ well-being, among them: massages, spinal manipulations, postural correction, exercises, orthotics, back and knee bracing, and cold laser treatments. With our help you can start living a fuller, pain-free life in no time! Your satisfaction and good health are always our top priority.

Chiropractors and what they do 

Chiropractors diagnose, treat and manage various neuromuscular disorders. They perform physical alignments. These licensed healthcare professionals manually adjust your spine to alleviate various symptoms in your body and relieve pain. 

Primary goals of chiropractic care include: 

  • Improving the overall functionality of patients 
  • Reducing pain 
  • Offering useful therapies 
  • Educating patients about keeping active and eating healthy

Structural and biomechanical derangements of the spine can affect your entire nervous system. Chiropractors aim to restore integrity and mobility of the spine. By manually adjusting any spinal misalignments, pressure on different neurological tissues is reduced. In turn, body systems function better and improve a person’s quality of life.

When to visit a chiropractor

Whether you’ve been referred or have been suffering from chronic pain, experienced chiropractors at Achieve Health and Wellness can help. Chiropractic care is right for you if you’re experiencing at least one of the following: 

  • Pain in your neck, back or knee 
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome 
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Digestive issues
  • Muscle aches
  • Numbness and tingling

Looking for a chiropactor? Look No Further!

Additionally, our skilled chiropractors can take care of patients with sports injuries or those who have been involved in automobile accidents.

With that being said, pain is not a prerequisite to visit a chiropractor. You can schedule a wellness visit as well. Chiropractic care is also preventative, helping  you maintain good health and functionality of your body. Preventative care nips issues in the bud before misalignments or pain have a chance to appear. 

Chiropractors are able to treat many health conditions, but not all. One of the things they do not handle are fractures. If you’re suspecting a broken bone, you should visit an emergency room. 

Visiting a chiropractor can be extremely beneficial to your health. If you’re still unsure whether or not you should visit our center, give us a call and we’ll gladly answer all of your questions. We can schedule an initial consultation during which one of our doctors will perform a physical examination, discuss your medical history in great detail, check for pain and abnormalities, and order imaging tests if medically necessary. Once they gather all the needed information, they will analyze it and discuss it with you, presenting you with customized treatment options. 

First visit with a chiropractor 

You may feel a little anxious about your first visit with a chiropractor and that is completely understandable. Here at Achieve Health and Wellness you’ll be greeted with a reassuring smile. We’ll do everything we can to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. 

Your visit will begin with a detailed assessment. You will fill out a questionnaire that the chiropractor will discuss with you. You will be asked about the pain you’ve been experiencing (location, duration, severity), your sleeping, dietary and exercise habits as well as your medical history. 

Once you’ve shared your story with the doctor, it’s time for a physical examination. Your chiropractor will check your posture, test your muscle strength and mobility, check your reflexes and the range of motion. They will be looking for any misalignments or abnormalities. X-rays and other tests (if appropriate) may be ordered to better design your personalized treatment plan. 

During the first two visits you can also expect to have a spinal adjustment. The chiropractor will gently realign your spine as you lie down on a padded table. A small device may be used to aid with the manipulation. Any cracking or popping noises you hear at that time are completely normal. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about it, take comfort in knowing that chiropractors are trained in over 150 different techniques and complete hours of supervised training before receiving a license. They’re true professionals!

The first chiropractic visit can leave you a little sore and fatigued so make sure you drink plenty of water. Any feelings of discomfort or tenderness will not last long. As time goes on and you undergo more treatments, improvements in your overall health will become more noticeable. 

In some rare instances, a patients’ condition may worsen or a new symptom may appear, such as numbness or weakness. If that ever happens, make sure to notify your chiropractor. 

One more important thing to note is that chiropractors do not prescribe medication. Instead, they offer relaxation, stimulation, physical fitness and nutrition counseling, massages, hot and cold treatments, and orthotics. Their main focus is achieving better alignment through spinal manipulation. Chiropractors rely on our bodies’ ability to heal itself. 

Becoming a chiropractor

In order to become a chiropractor, you need to complete a 4 year undergraduate study and then a 4 year doctorate program. After that you will receive a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and will need to  pass the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners exam to get your state license. Chiropractors study anatomy and physiology along with ways of assessing patients and performing spinal adjustments. Keeping a chiropractic license active requires 150 hours of continuing education in Illinois. 

Chiropractic adjustments

Typically, chiropractic adjustments do not cause pain; they remedy it. An adjustment is a non-invasive procedure, during which a highly trained chiropractor uses their hands or a specialized device to apply force on a joint. The quick, controlled force realigns the joint to bring relief. As we stated before, after the first few visits you may feel sore or experience some slight discomfort before your body gets used to new stretches and adjustments. Most patients, however, feel much better after further treatment. 

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