Charles Dennis provides patients with functional rehab and physical therapy services at Achieve Health and Wellness. He helps patients improve strength & range of motion, as well as recover from musculoskeletal injuries. Charles’ passion for physical therapy began at an early age. He began getting involved with sports in high school where he was a two sport athlete. His dedication and skill led him to continue playing recreational sports and studying exercise into college. During these years, he experienced both back and neck injuries which were both treated through chiropractic care. His experience with studying physical therapy, engaging in multiple sports, and healing through chiropractic care from his injuries built up his love for helping others.

After college, Charles began working in a physical therapy setting. Now working in that setting for more than 5 years, he has  experienced many different scenarios that require specific skills. He is great at adapting plans and protocols for each individual’s specific needs. Charles also gets patients fitted with custom orthotics, back bracing, knee bracing and neck traction equipment to make sure they get the most out of their care here in our office.
Charles gets the most satisfaction with helping patients progress through their plan and attaining their health and wellness goals, both in and out of the office. 

Charles also completed an internship at Equinox gym in Chicago, which gave him invaluable experience working with all sorts of different people in all ages. 

During his free time, Charles really enjoys umpiring and refereeing youth & IHSA basketball, baseball, and football games. He is also very active at the gym and enjoys watching sports; his favorite player to watch is Davante Adams. Charles and Dr. Fisher also host a fantasy football league for the office that they are super  competitive in, and Charles is the 2022 season Champion!

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