Pain is well understood as the body’s communication method that tells us something is wrong. However, when the pain continues week after week, affecting our lives and our ability to function, it becomes something far more than just a message. The professionals at Achieve Health and Wellness in Bolingbrook understand that chronic back pain can be life-changing, which is why we provide quality chiropractic care for our patients.


back pain chiropractic

Where Back Pain Comes From

Back pain, unfortunately, can be caused by a number of different issues. Our backs take on a tremendous amount of weight and demand throughout our lives, with a lot of connected moving parts. Even though the entire system does an amazing job of providing strength, stability, and mobility when one component begins to have a problem it affects the entire assembly very quickly.

Back pain can come from something as simple as muscle strain or a twist to something as serious as a bulging or slipped disc or even vertebrae degeneration. Obviously, more of these issues become apparent the older we get or if we work in jobs that are highly manual and prone to injury. Even something sudden like an auto accident can cause multiple back problems that can take weeks or months to recover properly. That’s when auto accident chiropractic care is most needed.

Why Back Pain Can Be So Hard to Fix

The back involves a combination of bone, nerves and muscle groups. These components work in an interconnected system, so when one part has a problem, the rest of the system tries to compensate for the weakness. That, in turn, can lead to more problems as additional parts become over-strained, over-worked and begin to fail as well. This is why back pain can be hard to address because it often involves a primary source and then other issues that have cascaded along begin adding onto the problem.

Too often pain solutions have simply focused on the symptoms, the pain itself in a given location. That can be temporarily treated with pain killers, ice and heat, and rest, but it generally doesn’t make the primary cause go away. Its no surprise then, when the pain comes back, and the patient goes through a cycle of pain management, temporary relief, and then more pain.